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Property records, Training, Handover protocols, Accident book, Medical examinations, Vehicle fleet records and more, including notifications and connection to calendars, modern and in the cloud.

Digitize personnel processes and simplify paperwork with the HR system from GIRITON.
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All data in one place

Get rid of Excel spreadsheets, printed files and duplicate storage of information.

In the GIRITON HR system, you can easily set which user has access to which agenda. You can search among the entries in the agenda or set notifications (for example, for the date of the OSH training). Connecting to Calendar or other business applications? Not a problem!

Create new agendas easily yourself

Do you have more than health and safety records, training or even medical examinations? Can't you choose from several ready-made agendas?

In a simple drag and drop editor, create new agendas yourself according to your ideas. Edit which users should have permissions to the new agenda and set notifications for deadlines.

Keep a clear record of everything you can.

Automatic documents filling

Do you need to create, for example, a transfer protocol or a request for a medical examination?

Use your own Word document, insert the variables from the given agenda into it and upload it to Giriton as a template. With a few clicks, you can download a document filled with your data at any time, for printing or perhaps for signature.

Always have your data at hand

Do you need to see the Operational Incidents agenda in the field?

Records from all agendas are always at hand not only on your PC, but also in the mobile application.

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What do our clients say about us?

„We are glad that we have chosen GIRITON for attendance. Their solution is simple, intuitive and cost-effective. We value the individual approach and the willingness to solve even non-traditional requirements. The cooperation is going great. GIRITON has always fulfilled all the commitments and deadlines we set for ourselves. We recommend GIRITON!“
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„Purchase price and overall system costs are very nice. Cooperation with Giriton is constructive. I appreciate especially the great help of the GIRITON staff in the matters of customizations to our special needs.“
Jiri Havlik
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„We chose Attendance Giriton because it works with current and available hardware solutions and because of their willingness to communicate about our company's specific requirements. Changes and customizations were, without exception, always on time.“
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„Modern Attendance system that easily overcomes many other expensive solutions. The guys from GIRITON were most helpful when implementing and modifying solutions for our exemplary individual requirements. What I appreciate the most is the simplicity of setup and intuitive application controls.“
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„Absolutely the best cloud attendance system with a great support. Thanks a lot, guys!“
Filip Debef
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„GIRITON saves us time and monitors information on the attendance of employees. It is clear, simple to use and offers a great mobile app. We needed some custom adjustments, and our cooperation with tech support was very positive.“
Martina Jicinska
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„I am really grateful that we have chosen GIRITON as a provider of the attendance system. It has a very pleasant user interface, I like the passion and activity of the GIRITON consultants and I appreciate the speed of their response and the effort to meet our specific requirements.“
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News in Giriton

At GIRITON, we are constantly working on improving the entire system. You will always find an up-to-date list of news and things we have added to the system on our blog.